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National Landlord Investment Show has its very own publication, Landlord Investor Magazine.

This is available in both a hard copy and online format and it covers all aspects of the buy-to-let market.

It reaches thousands of Landlords, Investors and Property Professionals all over the U.K. every month and is a welcome addition to our shows.

It aims to keep Landlords and Investors completely up to date with legislation, give advice on everyday problems that Landlords/Investors face and also provides a great source of information on the best areas to invest, for those wishing to widen or even start a property portfolio.

If you need more information on editorial contribution and advertsing please contact:

Tracey Hanbury (Editor) - e-mail: 

Beverley Meliniotis (Advertising Sales Manager) - e-mail:

Contact telephone number is 020 8656 5075

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